Stock Update 2021

A message to our tribe. 2021 has only just started and we can sense it’s going to be a bit more challenging than we originally thought. We are getting asked on a delay basis when stock will be arriving and even though we have our first shipment arriving in April (for the pre-order deal), the subsequent stock is still TBC, with a fair few factors coming into play.

Why is there currently no stock?

For the whole world, 2020 was unexpected but for the paddle sport industry it saw an unprecedented influx of people getting outdoors and on the water for the first time (which is obviously awesome!) . This put a huge strain on supply chains around the world, even ours. As most of you are aware, we didn’t have stock for majority of the 2020 season; one, because we couldn’t order anything for the first 5 months of 2020 due to countrywide lockdowns preventing our suppliers from producing and two; once things had re-opened, the amount of orders with our suppliers increased the lead-time of stock by upwards of 4 months. With our 2021 range already in the works, we didn’t want to bring in stock late into 2020 which would then become old stock within months. So as a business we decided to hold off, so you our tribe would have our brand new 2021 boards.

We are working extremely closely with our production teams to make sure stock is arriving throughout 2021 to make sure our tribe is on the water, and creating awesome memories!

Please note, this does not affect any customers that made a pre-order, your board will be shipped to you in late April as planned!

For those who are wanting a Sea Lion board and to be part of the tribe, we were simply blown away by the amount of pre-orders that at this moment and time, we have only a few boards left which will be live on the site soon so keep an eye out! We will keep you posted as soon as this changes which should be in a couple months when we are fully stocked - with delivery in July 2021.

Why not manufacture somewhere else?

Some brands that are focused on selling high quantities at low prices will likely manufacture with multiple suppliers to meet their demand, however at Sea Lion quality is something we will never compromise. Our suppliers are the best in the industry and we know our quality will be maintained. We would rather sell a quarter of the amount of products if it meant maintaining our standards for our customers.

Why don’t we just manufacture more?

Even though 2020 for Sea Lion was a low selling year due to the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge increase in brand awareness and customer orders for the pre-order in November/December. Because of this we have increased our order quantity for 2021 by nearly 10 times from 2019. But ordering more and more isn’t the answer and isn’t simple. We purchase components and materials from upwards of 10 suppliers just for our boards, which makes it rather complicated. Whilst we want to fulfil as many orders as we can, ordering beyond our means isn't sustainable!

Will prices go up?

When the pandemic started, a lot of businesses, such as suppliers and water-sport brands slowed or even halted completely.  Materials for some of our products and accessories completely ceased production. Lead-times have increased by over 50% in some instances and production slots come at a premium with suppliers struggling to keep up with customer demands and increased orders. Exchange rates have also impacted us, with the US dollar losing value, and with majority of our suppliers accepting only the US dollar, puts our cost prices up.

Even with extra costs like the above and huge shipping rate increases, we are doing our best to not pass these costs to our customers and hope to continue this way throughout 2021.

Does Brexit effect things?

No one is 100% clear on how to deal with Brexit and it is a mind field. Thankfully there is a free trade deal in place, and even though there may be some import tariffs (which we are unsure at this moment) to the EU, we will still be able to fulfil products to all customers across the EU and continent.

Worth the wait

We cannot thank everyone enough for the support you have given to Sea Lion over the last difficult year and ask for you to remain patient with us until the pandemic is far behind us! Your Sea Lion of choice won't be available this week, or this month, but it will be this summer!

As a relatively small business, we find ourselves lucky that we are still open and producing our awesome product range for our tribe.

Thank you for being so awesome! See you on the water soon!

Stay safe
Sea Lion team