Top 5 Paddle Spots - Adventure Stu's Picks

Top 5 Paddle Spots - Adventure Stu's Picks

Paddleboarding has the ability to take you to some awesome places all over the world and this series is all about these places; Including Top 5 places of our tribe riders and other Top 5 locations all over the world! Enjoy and add to your bucket lists!

1) Three Cliffs River Paddle on the Gower peninsula

“The Three Cliffs Paddle is one of the best paddleboarding locations that I've ever done, with a Castle overlooking the river, herrings and storks flying past you and as you reach the entrance to the sea you will be greeted by Three huge Cliffs there's also a lagoon to paddle around before making your way back.”

2) Rhossili Sunset Paddle on the Gower peninsula

“The sunset in Rhossili is spectacular and very popular with paddleboarders, surfers, hand gliders and walkers, all wanting to take photos and with a seal colony at Worms Head. You may be lucky to get to see a seal or dolphin whilst out sitting on the ocean waiting for the sun to go down! When the sun finally sinks into the sea it is a magical sight with the sky and sea turning red, and it leaves you with such a calming feeling, knowing it is just you and nature - it's so peaceful!”

3) Grotte de Benagil - Portugal

“Starting from Praia da Marinha – with spectacular views from the top with two amazing arches in the sea (some pictures actually looks like a heart shape). Get your the paddleboard and go towards the arches all the way until the Benagil Cave. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour each side but you can always stop at the small desert beaches around. There is a lot of small caves on the way, in some of them you can get inside and rest.”

4) Praia Dona Ana Portugal

“If you want an unforgettable experience Ponta da Piedade is a paddling paradise. Park the car around the beach and go all the way towards Pont da Piedade the experience is amazing, you can paddle around the rocks get inside little passages to the other side of the rocks, and paddle into blue lagoons hidden in the caves and small remote beaches the experience is fantastic.”

5) Praia de Faro Portugal

“This sunrise paddle is truly beautiful, you will paddle past small fishing boats along a fabulous inlet from the sea with lots of fish and wildlife around you, paddle towards the right side of the beach and you will reach a small remote island about 3k from where you started. It’s amazing and a very special paddling experience.”

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