5 SUP activities you need to try!

5 SUP activities you need to try!


Start having even more fun on your paddleboard! A stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is an extremely versatile piece of equipment to enjoy several exciting activities on the water. You can easily get an inflatable paddleboard for sale in the UK, allowing you to start exploring this fun water sport. If you need ideas for activities to try with your SUP, this list will be a lifesaver!
  1. Go Fishing:

    SUP fishing has turned into a popular activity for people who love the great outdoors. A paddleboard allows you to get a better view of the waterbody, finding the best nooks and crannies for fishing. Fishing with a kayak or other water vehicles can be noisy. In contrast, a paddleboard can help you slip into fishing holes without making a sound. It can be a relaxing and meditative experience to fish in the open waters while enjoying the tranquility of nature. SUPs also have ample space for holding your fishing gear while you glide through the water. A size 11' paddleboard can be a good option for an adult paddleboarder carrying their fishing gear.
  2. Try SUP Yoga:

    SUP yoga is an excellent activity for users who have mastered their balance on a paddleboard. You can paddle to the middle of a lake and get into your favourite yoga poses. The gentle surface of an inflatable SUP will be the most comfortable and convenient option for a relaxing yoga session. You can try yoga poses like the downward dog, chair pose, warrior pose, and more!
  3. Go for SUP Tours:

    If you have some paddleboarding experience already, you can jazz it up by going for a tour. SUP tours involve exploring large waterbodies for longer periods of time, such as a whole day or even multi-day trips. It's also a fantastic way to meet new friends for life and likeminded people with a passion for SUP and adventure! For SUP touring, you need a long paddleboard with high volume, more space, and a streamlined design to ensure faster movement. 12'6" paddle boards are excellent for touring purposes.
  4. Plan a Picnic:

    You can take your friends and family along for a fun picnic on the water! Carry some delicious food and paddle with your picnic partners to a convenient spot on a flat water surface and amazing scenes views. You should choose a child-friendly SUP for a comfortable experience. You can even plan a picnic with your date if this water sport is something you both enjoy. Don't forget to bring your Sea Lion growler to keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks extra cool!
  5. Organise a Game Day:

    You can use your SUP to organise fun games on the water. For example, SUP enthusiasts can try playing paddle golf with a floating object. They can also try playing paddle baseball or paddle polo on the water. Also - who doesn't love a good SUP race to see who is crowned the Usain Bolt of the water! This can be an extra fun experience for your kids and a great plan for a family outing. 

Hopefully there are some ideas to inspire you on new adventures on the water!

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