Bloom Algae Foam

Bloom Algae Foam


Algae is high in protein giving it natural thermoplastic qualities. As a result, it can be used as a filler to mimic the properties of traditional durable foams when properly processed. Bloom foam has several advantages over other kinds of foam; by harvesting algae it keeps waterways ecologically balanced, reduces the need for non-renewable oils.

Incorporating algae into our board deckpads in 2018 made us the first inflatable SUP brand to do so; reducing the dependence on non-renewable petroleum foams.


Each of our boards on average results in over 293 bottles of filtered fresh water being returned to the original habitat and not only this, but the equivalent of 15,809 party balloons or 1070 hours of smart-phone use of CO2 is sequestered and kept from entering the atmosphere, per board!

Using bloom foam, we help keep natural ecologies in balance, and in return, we get an incredible renewable resource that helps us offset the use of 100% petroleum traditional foams.

Bloom’s algae foam transforms sunlight, water and pollution into a renewable plant biomass that helps the environment by:

  • Cleaning and recirculating fresh water back into the habitat
  • Keeping ecologies in balance
  • Utilizing a GMO- and pesticide-free feedstock
  • Capturing carbon through algae’s natural processes
  • Protecting plant, animal, and human life who rely on freshwater sources for survival
  • Reducing dependence on non-renewable petroleum

It is quite remarkable when you think about it, to create an innovation that tackles two big issues- ecological threats and the reliance on fossil fuels. It solves both of these issues in one go by replacing harmful petrochemical materials with bioplastics.

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