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Recreational shape SUP aimed at beginner/intermediate paddlers offering a combination of stability and volume for families, kids, dogs and heavier paddlers. Front tie downs for gear, rear tie down for cooler and kick pad for those wanting to improve their technique. Take the family and head to the lake.
Designed for the adventure paddler, this is a take-everything-with-you touring board offering both stability and glide. Multiple gear tie down anchor points front and rear, neoprene handles middle, bow and stern and bomber side grab handles for maneuverability while gear is attached. This is your 4 X 4 SUP that will take you to that hidden camp spot, down white-water rivers and around the lake while the sun rises. The quiver killer – the one and only board you need.
The ultimate 4 X 4 water vehicle for overnight and multi-day paddling adventures. Designed with multiple tie down anchor points front and rear, neoprene handles bow and stern, and bomber side grab handles for portaging while gear is attached. The length and width provides incredible glide and stability in bigger water and ocean environments. Pack your cooler, pack your tent and go. This board will get you there safe, dry and happy.



We are Sea Lion. An earth loving SUP brand based on the South Coast of England with a love for Sea Lions. Our aim is to create high quality sustainably focused products whilst making the world a cleaner and better place for all that call it home. (By the way, they aren't actually wood, they're inflatable!)



We design and build the most adventure ready, stable and eco inflatable SUPs in the world. Why? Because we love to explore and inspire adventure on water. We are focused on building a community of like-minded paddlers and adventurers, that together through our collective efforts can instil a sense of responsibility within the SUP community to protect the very environment we play within.




We donate 5% of our profits towards Sea Lion conservation and ocean clean up organisations to keep our world clean of growing plastic pollution. You don't need to sign anything or pay anything extra, leave it to us to give back to nature on your behalf. Sustainability is and will always be at the forefront of our thinking when it comes down to every aspect of the business, from our paddles to our apparel, even our business cards! 

The Eco Paddles

 The all-in-one paddle – A lightweight three piece teardrop paddle with a carbon glass shaft. Offering performance and convenience in one paddle. Easily pack it in your board bag and you’ll never be without your Sea Lion paddle again.

 Our lightest high-performance paddle offering a powerful, efficient stroke with a full carbon flexible shaft for those long or short days on the water. Teardrop and touring blade shape options.
 A high performance teardrop adjustable paddle with a full carbon flexible shaft that offers performance, easy storage/travel and multiple paddler use.