Paddle Board Workout Routine Everyone Must Know

Paddle Board Workout Routine Everyone Must Know

It's no secret - paddle workouts are all the hype now and we simply can't get enough of them! We've been speaking with our Sea Lion family to get some intel and now we're giving you the best core workout to burn calories on your SUP whilst enjoying your favourite lakes or rivers! Be sure to give some of these a go on your next paddle. It’s time you ditch your old weightlifting and jogging routine and brighten things up with a surprisingly efficient paddleboarding workout. And all that while you enjoy the sun and get that beautiful tan!
  1. The Squat

    Facing the nose of your SUP, widen your stance and place your feet at the edges of the board with toes turned out. For a more advanced position, try turning to either the left or right rail and place your feet down the centerline for an even wider stance. Squat to a comfortable range, perform slow, controlled movements, and try 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

  2. The Headstand Pose

    This is an advanced workout, but doing a headstand can be a great way to activate the pituitary and pineal glands while calming the mind. If you have done a headstand on the land, with a bit of practice, you can always do it on water, and it will help you to strengthen the upper body and stimulate the lymphatic system while alleviating stress and depression. All you need to do is grip the rails of your paddle board for added stability when you are upside-down on the water. Also, you need to press into your arms and shoulders to ease up the weight off your neck.


  3. Downward Dog

    Start on your knees. Align your knees with your hips, wrists directly under the shoulders. Exhale and push up, arms stretched out as you raise your hips away from your ribs. Lengthen your spine. Press your heels down towards the board, bring your shoulder blades together and gaze towards your navel. (the feet should be hip width apart and parallel). Benefits: Stretches and strengthens the back and shoulders. Stretches the hamstrings. Relieves stress and headaches. If you're looking for an extra level of difficulty, lift one of your legs up at the back.
  4. The Side Plank

    Side planks are one of the most famous workouts that can strengthen your core without stressing your back, protect your spine and improve balance. You can try the side plank pose, and when you try it on rough waters, the unstable base can even challenge your core more by rocking your body. For support and maximum efficiency, squeeze your glutes and reach your free hand high to conquer the turbulence, and if you want an extra challenge, keep your board parallel to the chop.
  5. The Tree Pose

    For the tree pose, you need to have your one leg up and one on the board. It is quite tough, even for advanced paddlers, so always feel free to use the paddle for balance. The trick is to focus on a point far away for keeping your body stable.

It’s time you ditch your old weightlifting and jogging routine and brighten things up with a surprisingly efficient paddleboarding workout. Whether you love starting with yoga for engaging the core, or you would like to do some hot leg workout or upper-body exercise, a stand-up paddle board inflatable can come in handy. 

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