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Are you confused about the accessories that you would like to carry for your next paddling trip? Prioritising what you should take along with you will help when going on your adventures. There are several items such as dry packs, water bottles, food, first aid kit, emergency clothing, just to name a few! Check out our journal for a full list of the best gear to take paddleboarding

What added awesome accessories are great for a paddling trip?

  1. Health and Safety Equipment: - It is a known fact that for any water-based activity, a life PFD (Personal flotation device) can be a lifesaver. There are however several other pieces of equipment such as a first aid kit, a radio, leash, etc. – read our safety journals for more info!
  2. Dry Bags: - Dry bags are an essential accessory to store your clothes, food and other equipment (like your phone!) dry. Additionally, you can also use them to store your wet clothes (just make sure you empty it!) The Dry Pack - 22L is a great inflatable sup accessory. It is a fully waterproof bag that will keep your gear dry as well as sand-less. You can store a variety of essentials such as your mobile devices, food and drink.
  3. Light sources and maps or GPS: - In case you are planning to go for a paddling trip of longer duration carrying a strong light source can be of significant help. A mini headlamp can help you navigate your way out through the waters in case of an emergency. A GPS or Map can also be similarly helpful in case you aren't familiar with the water body.

More – check out this journal for more gear tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Growler - 1L Water Bottle dishwasher safe? - The Growler - 1L Water Bottle is easy to clean and it is both leakproof and dishwasher safe.
  2. How do I drop off my board for SUP MOT services? -All you have to do is pack your board up so that we can arrange the collection as well as delivery of your board(s) for its SUP MOT
  3. How do I know if my payment via Klarna has gone through? - Once your payment is complete Klarna will notify you with an email as well with a confirmation of your order.