Good quality paddling equipment and accessories are of prime importance. Even though paddling can be a very enjoyable activity when you have the right and good quality equipment, the exact opposite happens when you choose bad quality products for paddling-based activities.

There are a lot of factors that determine the quality of a SUP board for sale. The construction technology, durability, deflating value, versatility, and quality of your accessories will help you determine whether you invested in a high-quality board or not. Stand-up paddle board sales are perhaps the best ways to shop for high-quality boards online at reasonable prices.

Sea Lion Boards have a wide variety of high-quality inflatable paddle boards for sale. Apart from that you can also shop for your favourite paddling accessories on sale. You can shop online for our inflatable paddle board for sale to avail the best deals from the comfort of your home. However, before you choose a board have a look at our top picks from our stand-up paddle boards for sale collection.

Top Paddleboard and paddle Picks: -

  1. 9'6" Akaroa - Inflatable SUP Board + 3 Piece Paddle: - The 9’ 6 stand-up paddle board for sale is an extremely child-friendly board and is the perfect option for children and teenagers who would like to get started with paddling.
    1. It can withstand up to 80 kg of weight (including rider weight) and is equipped with several layers of protective materials including rail tape and a removable fin which increases protection against compression and tension. These paddle boards for sale UK are preferred due to their lightweight, sustainable and durable nature.

  1. 3 Piece Carbon FX35 Paddle - Mana X Maple Burl: - This paddle is considered an all-in-one paddle. It is equipped with three lightweight paddles that can help you enjoy a variety of paddling activities. It offers optimum convenience, performance and balance. The wide paddles are perfect for making agile turns.
    1. It is equipped with a protective cover case that will help you protect your paddle blade from securing any scratches or damages. paddle board paddles for sale are preferred due to their lightweight compact structure, versatility and sustainable nature.


Top Apparel and Accessories Picks: -

  1. The Mākū (Winter) Robe: - The Maku winter robe is an excellent option for those cold, rainy and windy days. It is equipped with a hood and a YKK double-way zip that helps you stay warm during those cold days. The inside of the robe is lined with a polyester which is soft and comfortable.

The best feature of this robe is its waterproof nature. It is equipped with a full waterproof recycled nylon shell, a waterproof hoof and a front wind protection flap which ensures easy closure even without the zip.

It is also equipped with several pockets so that you don’t run out of space to carry your essentials. It is the perfect option for paddlers that require sustainable and functional apparel for their paddling activities

  1. The Growler - 1L Water Bottle: - A good water bottle saves up a lot of time required to secure clean drinking water during paddling sessions. The Growler - 1L Water Bottle is an excellent choice to keep your water, beverage or food warm or cold.

This bottle will keep your icy beverages cold for almost 24 hours. Similarly, it will keep your hot beverage warm for up to 12 hours even when kept underwater. It is leakproof, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and is a very sustainable alternative to regular plastic bottles.

Why should you choose high-quality inflatable paddle boards instead of affordable paddle boards?

Contrary to popular belief, not all inflatable paddle boards last for a prolonged period. Investing in attractive but poor-quality boards will cause some serious problems and they are mentioned below: -

  • When it comes to poor-quality paddleboards the drop stitch usually consists of a single layer. This produces a flimsy board which offers little stiffness and durability and thus reduces the longevity of your paddle board.
  • Poor-quality paddle boards tend to fall apart after a few uses. This is extremely dangerous and therefore the durability of the boards should be checked before purchasing a board.
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards that are of poor make will deflate at a faster rate than good-quality paddle boards. This will incur additional charges required to repair or resell the board.
  • Paddleboards that aren't durable, stiff, and rigid will decrease your chances of enjoying different kinds of paddling activities.

Thus, by closely looking at the features of the board of your interest you will be able to identify if a board is of good quality or not. It is also important that you invest in good quality accessories and regular repair services to increase the longevity of your board.

There are a lot of options when it comes to paddle boards and accessories. Sea Lion Boards are your one-stop destination for all paddling equipment. It is one of the best paddle board stores online. Whether it's carbon fibre paddles or an inflatable stand we have it all. Shop for your favourite paddling accessories from Sea Lion Boards today!


  • How much weight can the Tasman inflatable board carry?
  • The 12 ft 6 Tasman inflatable board can carry up to 170 kg including the weight of the paddler. The board weighs 13.5 kg.

  • How do the Klarna services work?
  • Once you have chosen your product, select Klarna while checking out. Enter the necessary details to check whether your application is approved. You will receive an email from Klarna when it’s time for you to pay.

  • How do I activate my warranty?
  • Within two months of your purchase, you can choose to fill out the warranty form on our official website after which your warranty will be activated.

  • How do I get my board back after the completion of the SUP MOT services?
  • Collection and drop off will be arranged by us via courier service. All you have to do is pack your board.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept a wide variety of payments including debit as well as credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and a whole lot more.