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The ECO Board 

As a beginner investing in the right kind of paddle board can be challenging. With so much to choose from, choosing the best inflatable paddle board or an inflatable SUP board can be an arduous job. 

It is easy to choose a bad quality paddle board as it may appear attractive but the result of this is disappointing as you may not be able to use it for a prolonged period. Moreover, regular paddle boards aren't sustainable and can increase your carbon footprint. It is also quite difficult to transport and store traditional boards as they are 100% solid. So, what Inflatable paddle Boards should you choose from?

Eco boards are widely adopted by the paddle board community. The SUP category is one of the fastest-growing industries within the paddle board community. Not only are these environments friendly but also 100% recyclable. It also offers durability, comfort and mobility. This way by using Inflatable Sup Boards for Multi-Day Paddling Adventures you can enjoy paddling without increasing your carbon footprint. 

You can find a wide variety of eco paddle boards on sealion boards. Our collection comprises the best and most eco-friendly Inflatable Paddle Boards, Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards and Sea Paddle Board UK. We also offer products such as Stand-Up Paddle Board Inflatable, Inflatable Paddle Board with Seat and Paddle Board With 2 Seats. Our website has everything to help you shop for sustainable and eco-friendly products for your paddling adventures. 

Top Eco-friendly Sup Paddle Boards: The ECO boards

What are the best eco-friendly solutions for your next paddling day adventures?

Here is our top pick for you.

  • Inflatable sup boards: - Choose the Otago inflatable sup board for your next paddling endeavour. These boards are made with an extra layer of high-quality polymer which are heat fused to provide your board with stiffness. Moreover, the valves are airtight therefore there are no chances of air loss.

    It is equipped with rail tape which adds an extra layer of protection against compression and tension. Inflatable Sup Boards UK are a popular choice as they are eco-friendly, and lightweight and are an excellent choice for long periods of paddling due to the comfort it provides.

  • Inflatable Paddle Boards: - Inflatable paddle boards offer a wide variety of advantages. Firstly, they are lightweight and secondly, they are preferred by beginners as they are very easy to use. The Tasman inflatable sup board is one of the best choices when it comes to inflatable paddle boards.

    They offer a variety of features such as adventure gear tie-downs, a slipstream system, bomber handles and a removable touring fin. Inflatable Paddle Boards UK are a popular choice amongst paddling enthusiasts due to their durability and ease of operation. Moreover, it is also considered the best budget inflatable paddle board.

  • Stand Up Paddle Boards: - Stand-up paddling is enjoyed by paddlers of all kinds. This form of paddling doesn’t require any prerequisites and is therefore the perfect activity for beginners. It is also appropriate for children and the boards are designed for people of all age groups. The Akaroa inflatable sup board is the best Inflatable Paddle Board for Beginners UK.

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Good?

There are two major reasons why the sups paddle board is the go-to choice for any paddling enthusiast. The first reason is its compact lightweight structure and the second is its sustainable nature. These boards are built with sustainable and green materials such as bamboo and plant-based resins.

  • Inflatable paddle boards are durable and are made with military-grade PVC. Several inflatable paddle board companies prefer to manufacture paddle boards that are equipped with several layers of PVC construction. This offers peak durability and helps your boards last longer.
  • A majority of inflatable paddle boards are made up of 100% recyclable materials and thus don’t cause any harmful effect to the environment during their production, usage or disposal stage.
  • Where traditional paddle boards are difficult to transport and carry and are prone to destruction, inflatable paddle boards UK offer the optimum mobility and can last for years to come. It is also easy to store and transport once deflated and doesn’t occupy much space.
  • In comparison to solid paddle boards, stand-up inflatable paddle boards are affordable. Therefore, it is the best budget paddle board for people who have a strict budget.
  • It provides better resistance from injuries as inflatable paddle boards are softer despite being durable. Where solid paddle boards might cause discomfort after prolonged use, Inflatable boards are perfect for prolonged periods of paddling activities.
  • They are pet and child friendly in comparison to hard paddle boards that cause discomfort to pets and children. 

Having the mobility and comfort of a good inflatable stand-up paddle board can be a game changer. The durability of the multiple layers of military-grade PVC will help you enjoy your paddling activities for years to come. Make sure to thoroughly check the build quality, stability, performance, size, design and packing before choosing a paddle board. 

Sea lion boards can help you choose the best paddle board for your paddling endeavours. Whether it’s a stand-up paddle board, an inflatable paddle board or an inflatable sup board we have to go with it. Our eco-board collection has everything that can make your next paddling adventure fruitful. Shop from our eco board collection at Sea lion boards now! 


1. How do I register my product to activate my warranty?

You can choose to fill out the warranty form on our official website at any point within 2 months of your purchase. Our boards come with a standard 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

2. How long is the warranty period of my product?

Boards that are purchased from certified dealers and registered have an extended warranty of 3 years. Whereas our accessories have a warranty of 1 year.

3. Is the Rapoka inflatable sup board equipped with a repair kit?

Yes, the 11' Rapoka - Inflatable SUP Board + 3 Piece Paddle is equipped with a repair kit. 

4. How much weight can the Rapoka sup board carry?

The 11' Rapoka - Inflatable SUP Board + 3 Piece Paddle can carry up to 150 kg including the weight of the rider. 

5. Do you accept payments via the Klarna payment service?

Yes, we accept payments via Klarna. However, to pay via the 3 interest-free instalments your age must be at least 18.