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2022 2-Piece Carbon Paddle Brazilian Rosewood

2022 2-Piece Carbon Paddle Brazilian Rosewood

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A high performance teardrop adjustable paddle (550g) with a full carbon flexible shaft that offers performance, easy storage/travel and multiple paddler use. Premium paddle handcrafted in Thailand

The Mana Blade

The Mana (Power in Maori) blade is the perfect blade for dynamic strokes. With a large surface area, the Mana blade is perfect for agile turns, added balance and maximising speed from each stroke. Suitable for all-around paddling, surfers and speedsters. 

Are you tired of your paddle slowing you down? A paddle can either help you enjoy your paddling activities or it can cause a whole lot of problems and discomfort. 

Choosing the right paddle can be a tedious job and beginners tend to invest in the wrong kind of paddle which makes things difficult for them. Additionally, investing in low-quality paddles can be a risky move. This is where the 2022 2-piece carbon sup paddle can be a lifesaver. 

Sea Lion Boards have a wide range of sustainable Carbon Sup Paddles. Our store online stocks all products that can make your next paddling trip a grand success. To know more about the 2 Piece Carbon Sup Paddle, have a look at some of its unique features.

Teardrop Blade Area: 84.5in2/545cm2
Blade Angle: 10 Degrees
Length x Width: 7.5 x 17.75in/19 x 45cm
Weight: 550g

Features of 2022 2 Piece Carbon Sup Paddle Brazilian Rosewood: -

  • Durable: - A good pair of paddles should be durable. The carbon sup paddle is built to withstand excessive use. Its reinforced UD carbon neck ensures that it can provide full strength to your strokes. Moreover, the additional layer of protective rail ensures that your Carbon Sup Paddle UK lasts for years to come.
  • Easy Storage and transportation: - When it comes to transportation of paddle boards and paddles, paddlers face an enormous challenge in carrying them from one place to another and storing them when they aren’t in use.
  • Adjustable: - These adjustable paddles when paired with the two-piece sup board can help you enjoy a variety of paddling activities.
  • Lightweight teardrop-shaped carbon blade: - Using a lightweight carbon sup paddle for your paddling activities can be of significant help too. Apart from making transportation and storage easier, it helps maximise speed and balance.
    The teardrop-shaped carbon blade helps in displacing more water and thus helps you make dynamic strokes and agile turns. It helps you maintain your balance while increasing your speed during paddling.

Take your next step with sustainable solutions such as the 2-piece carbon sup paddle. This paddle is sustainably built to contribute positively to the environment and is an excellent choice to enjoy your paddling adventures.

The best 2-piece sup paddle can be found on Sea Lion boards. We are one of the best stores for paddle boards, paddles and paddling accessories. Start your paddling journey today by purchasing a carbon sup paddle from Sea Lion Boards today!

  • Plant-based bio resin infused – that's right, plant based glue!
  • 100% long grain low-density FSC certified balsa wood core
  • Unique Eye-catching Wood Veneer Wrap for added strength
  • Extended reinforcement UD carbon neck for extra strength
  • Full ABS protective rail all around the blade and next to protect both your paddle and board

1. Can I register for a warranty 1 month after purchasing my order?

It is best to register for a warranty as soon as possible but you are required to register your board within two months to activate your warranty.

2. Do I need to provide proof of purchase for applying for a warranty?

We require your name, email, address, board type, board year, serial number and proof of purchase to register and activate your warranty.

3. Can I get a valve replacement for my board without a warranty?

Yes, we offer extra non-warranty services at an extra cost without warranty for services which cover valve replacement.

4. Do I need UV protection for my board?

Protecting your board and paddles from UV rays is important to increase the longevity of your board. Therefore, make sure to opt for UV protection coating every 8 months.

5. Do you accept Apple Pay as a valid form of payment?

Yes, we accept a variety of payment methods which include Apple Pay, AmEx, PayPal, Visa, Google Pay and Discover.

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Are you ready for Awesomeness?


The teardrop shape gives immense power due to its large tip surface area. This shape is for power and speed for catching waves or maximising speed from each stroke

• Plant-based bio resin infused – that's right, plant based glue!
• 100% long grain low-density FSC certified balsa wood core
• Unique Eye-catching Wood Veneer Wrap for added strength
• Extended reinforcement UD carbon neck for extra strength
• Full ABS protective rail all around the blade and next to protect both your paddle and board

• High performance strength and flexible shaft
• Ultra-lightweight for longer and more efficient paddle journeys

• Providing a comfy and powerful handle position
• Adjustable handle with marked measurements - never forget your perfect length paddle for that perfect paddling technique

• With the groove clasp, you will have a controlled paddle alignment with no twisting, making for a more efficient and powerful paddle stroke

Teardrop Blade Area – 84.5in2/545cm2
Blade Angle - 10 Degrees
Length x Width – 7.5 x 17.75in/19 x 45cm

Bio Resin 

Each paddle is made with Entropy Resins Super Sap, a bio-based resin powered by plants. Reduced harmful byproducts, greenhouse gases and carbon footprint without compromising performance, making our paddles far from just beautiful.

Each paddle saves;* • The energy equivalent to charging your smartphone 86 times • 5 servings of water (454ml/16oz) saved during manufacturing compared to normal epoxy resins • Pollution equivalent to 0.6 miles of driving your car*based on the LCA  (life cycle analysis) of 1 gallon of Entropy Resins Super Sap. Each paddle uses around 250g of resin (3785g in a gallon)

Our paddles are also made with a super wood for its core, BALTEK® Balsa Wood. The Balsa tree is an incredibly versatile wood that is fast-growing, low-density honeycomb-like cell structure with a remarkable strength/rigidity to weight ratio, not only making our paddles some of the lightest on the market and effortless to paddle, but resilient and sustainable. Sea Lion is one of only a few manufacturers of balsa wood paddles in the world, but none with our unique hand-picked wood veneersFSC®-certified balsa wood plantations in Ecuador (FSC-C019065) and Papua New Guinea (FSC-C125018) FSC wood veneers on each paddle

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