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Our Story

We’ve paddled lakes, rivers and oceans, gone on multi-day and week-long adventures and during this time watched how other brands have been doing things within the industry. One thing became very clear -  there needed to be a wholehearted change at the brand level as the industry itself didn't reflect the passion or the lifestyle it's paddlers carry. In 2017 we launched Sea Lion and have been tirelessly developing and innovating our paddle boards, paddles and accessories. We didn’t want to just produce high quality products designed for paddlers by paddlers, but also design and create the most sustainable paddle products on the planet that reflect this passion and love of the water environment. We shall always push to be the most innovating SUP brand and at no point will sustainability or quality be compromised at any level of the Sea Lion business.

Our Mission And Vision

Sea Lion Boards is focused on building a community of like-minded paddlers and adventurers, that together through our collective efforts can instil a sense of responsibility within the SUP community to protect the very environment we play within. We inspire adventure on water.

Why Sea Lion

We at Sea Lion Boards don’t just love to paddle, we love the places we paddle. At the very heart of this brand lies a deep connection to these waterways and through our partnership with 1% for the Planet we are committed to donating a minimum of 1% to help organisations keep our oceans clean of plastic for all to enjoy. We are creating a Tribe of paddlers who like us want to adventure on water and protect the places we paddle. 

Meet the tribe...

WilliamFounder/Head of Business Stuff

Fell in love with SUP after 2 decades of rugby became too much for his body. Years of egg chasing and shoulder injuries, SUP was the perfect rehab sport with a little less contact and tackling. Sea Lion has grown from his passion for sustainability and design.

Favourite beer: Whitstable Bay
Favourite colour: Green
City of birth: Hong Kong (No joke)
Favourite movie: Love Actually
Favourite artist/band: Genesis
Favourite album: E.L.O - All Over The World
Favourite song: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

ZakCo-Founder/Head of Creative Stuff

I got into SUP after a ligament injury from football. It was perfect for my recovery and it's the best excuse to get out of London and visit sunny Devon. Looking forward to many more adventures with our growing Sea Lion family up and down the country!

Favourite beer: Camden Pale Ale
Favourite colour: Blue
City of birth: London
Favourite movie: Back To The Future
Favourite artist/band: Gorillaz
Favourite album: The Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land
Favourite song: Wang Chung -  Dance Hall Days


Horace (m)
Species: New Zealand Sea Lion (rāpoka/whakahao)
Fun Fact: Has a full-time career as a professional model after appearing on the front cover of this year's NZSLT calendar!

On top of that - Horace was the main inspiration behind the Sea Lion logo (as you can tell)
Birth Place: Mystery location that only mum Huru knows
Tag #: 10002
Mum: Huru

And our tribe riders...

- Claire & Sinead

Location: Edinburgh
Why I love SUP: There’s no better feeing than being on the water,
under the sun, exploring new places. It’s our favourite way to relax and recharge after a busy day. 
Fave band: Tame Impala 
Fave beverage: A cold crisp cider 

- Jenny Clark

I believe in the healing, calming power of being outside. I love being in, on or by the sea, yoga, coffee outside, campfires and planning yoga, paddleboarding and adventure retreats for The Wild Times, my retreats business. I am a qualified BSUPA paddle board instructor, Level 2 SUPTA paddle board yoga teacher and Vinyasa & Yin yoga teacher. You can usually find me teaching SUP yoga and paddleboarding on our Wild Times retreats around the UK and abroad or out paddleboarding and having picnics with friends on the South Coast of England or in London!

- Linn van der Zanden

Living on the West Coast of Scotland, I have always felt at home on the ocean, from sailing across the North Sea on tall ships to wild swimming. These days I have really fallen in love with the lifestyle of Paddleboarding as it allows me to get on the water most days and explore the coast. I love combining Microadventures like SUP touring, hiking and camping to connect with nature in Scotland.

As a Surfers Against Sewage Rep I’m passionate about combining adventure with ocean conservation and beach cleaning, and care deeply about educating the next generation on the value of our oceans.

With Sea Lion leading the way in sustainability, I am very proud to be part of a tribe which puts the planet at the forefront of everything they do!

- Martin Francis

As a cold-water enthusiast, come rain or shine I’ll be on the water looking for surf or an adventure. For me there is no feeling that comes close to loading up the van and heading to the beach.

A regional rep for Surfers Against Sewage here in the South East of England the ethos Sea Lion Boards has towards their brand and the products they are innovating feels like a perfect fit.

- Becky Dickinson

You won’t find Becky far from the sea! Growing up on the South coast of Devon, Becky is a true water girl and spends her weekends exploring new places on her SUP in Devon and Cornwall. She shares her experiences of supping on her blog and thrives on getting people started on their supping adventures!

“What I love about supping is feeling like you’re walking on water, it’s so relaxing, when I’m paddling, my mind clears and I’m just so happy! Nothing beats a relaxing day on the water, I believe the ocean is the best therapy you can get!”

- Natalie Bird

Hampshire based.
Why I love SUP: Besides the fact its tones up your whole body much better than any gym! The sense of calm I get from it outweighs every thing. When I am on the board I don't  have a single care in the world. An extra bonus would be all the amazing people I get meet on my journey! 
Fav SUP Location: River Wey
Fav Band: The Eagles 
Fav Beverage: Red wine winter/Cider Summer

- Jimbo Hart

Location: Lilliput, Dorset
Why I love SUP: It’s a simple one for me, the freedom to paddle out away from the crowds and find pure headspace out on the water which truly is my happy place. 
Fave SUP location: Brownsea Island near to Poole Harbour in Dorset, a paddle that involves crossing a life shipping lane but once at the back of the island the views are second to none. 
Fave band: Less Than Jake 
Fave beverage: I’m a beer or whisky man 

- Amy Aitken

Location: Scotland (or more specifically - Glasgow) 
Why I love SUP: I love being outdoors and being on what feels like
adventures and there's something very peaceful about paddling around a calm loch. Then on the flip on a warm sunny day being at the beach with a few of you and end in up in the sea swimming is some of the best days out I've had. 
Fave SUP location: that's a tough one! so many gorgeous spots around Scotland! probably Loch Duich. 
Fave band: I love a variety of music - from Otis Redding to Pink. 
Fave Beverage: A G&T in summer and red wine in winter. 

- Sam Pyne

I spent a lot of my childhood swimming at Exmouth beach, which is where I found my love with the ocean. You may see me flying down the ski slope or free diving along the south west coast. I don’t let my deafness stop me from achieving big things such as skiing in the USA, cycling the Norwegian fjords or climbing all 14 peaks at Snowdonia mountains in 2 days. Love a challenge!

- Jayne Rigby

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a love for the environment, particularly the ocean. As a kid, you’d always find me in a rock Pool and as I grew up, I decided to study Ocean Sciences & Conservation at Uni. I’ve volunteered for conservation charities & organisations for over 16 years, whether it be campaigning, beach cleans, petitions and shore searches & I’m the regional rep here in Liverpool for Surfers Against Sewage 🤙🏼 
I’ve been paddling for over 4 years & now I get to teach what I love through Liverpool SUP Co where I also have the pleasure of carrying out surveys, practicing marine conservation & being a voice for the sea! I’m honoured to be part of the Sea Lion tribe 🤙🏼

- Lauren Teeling

Growing up in North Devon, we would spend all Summer down the beach. The ocean was our playground. My passion for the outdoors has continued through my life and resulted in a love for exploring the world.
I am a proud Sea Lion Boards Ambassador because they take great care in how their product is made and where it will go at the end of it's life. This sets an example to other businesses to really take responsibility for how their product will impact the environment. The less we dump in landfill and the more we remove, reuse and recycle, the higher our chances of turning the tide on these devastating environmental issues.

- Rebecca Gillmore

Growing up near the coast and always having the opportunity to visit the beach has played such an important part in my life, My family were never really fond of the sea. But for some reason that’s where I felt most alive. When I’m in the sea I immediately feel magical and there is a sense of awe and wonder that can’t be found anywhere else.

With this love for being around the coast and in the sea I couldn’t help but see the enormous pressure our waters were under, from plastic pollution, sewage and climate change. For all the joy the water has brought me, it was time to give back and help in any way I could. I  Through all this I became an passionate ocean activist and I want to support brands that are doing there bit for our planet. With such a strong sustainability message it’s an absolute pleasure to join The Tribe!

- Stuart Gammon

Hi im Stu a few years ago I decided to change direction in life so trained up as a Stand up paddle board (SUP) instructor and adventure guide crazy or what! I haven’t looked back it’s been amazing and opened up so many opportunities for me to travel.  I’ve recently returned from a five month trip in Mexico where I had an incredible time taking people on Sup tours looking for whales & dolphins and keeping away from crocodiles madness I know.
The sunset tours in the bay of banderas were breathtaking and something that I will never forget. I also enjoyed jungle hiking and finding remote beaches and hidden waterfalls. I’m passionate about travel & adventure and love inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone and living their dreams.
Adventure time. Let's go :)

- Billy Heaney

Billy is a zoologist and wildlife filmmaker who fell in love with paddle boarding whilst living in Cornwall, UK. He's main area of Zoological interest lies with marine mammals, having studied grey seals for several years for his post-grad, and other marine vertebrates. Whilst out on the water he loves to stash a snorkel on the front of his board to make the most of what can be found beneath the surface. 

- Rachel Luckham

The sea is my therapy and I have been blessed to grow up on the SW Coast, soaking it up at every opportunity. As a Mental Wellbeing enthusiast I love what our beautiful Oceans have to offer in the way of slowing down and checking in.
I’ve been paddling for 5 years and now I also teach SUP, it’s a great way of getting people out on the water to educate and enthuse them to look after both our planet and our minds. I am proud to be an Ambassador for Sealion Boards and everything they stand for.

Want To Join Us?

We're always looking for more energetic, passionate and stoked paddlers to join the adventure.  Are you a Brand Ambassador? Think you have what it takes to be part of our Tribe? Contact us find out how you can paddle with Sea Lion Boards.

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