Top 5 Paddle Spots Ep. 3 - Linn (MicroAdventureGirl) Picks

There are so many places of natural beauty to explore in Scotland, so these are just a few of my regular favourites on the doorstep. Since it is the season, I’ve included a couple of autumn favourites too!

Top 5 Paddle Spots Ep. 2 - Lizzie (Magic Beans) Picks

I’ve been lucky enough to SUP some incredible places around the UK, so you’ll have to believe me when I say narrowing the list down to just 5 spots was incredibly tough! 

Top 5 Paddle Spots - Adventure Stu's Picks

“The Three Cliffs Paddle is one of the best paddleboarding locations that I've ever done, with a Castle overlooking the river, herrings and storks flying past you and as you reach the entrance to the sea you will be greeted by Three huge Cliffs there's also a lagoon to paddle around before making your way back.”