At Sea Lion, sustainability is at the very heart of what we do. This doesn’t just mean reducing our carbon footprint or donating to charity but making your boards and products last for as long as they can. Therefore we are over the moon to introduce an industry first; the SUP MOT by Sea Lion
The aim of the SUP MOT is to make your board live longer for you and your adventures! It is paramount that you look after your board always, so check out below what our SUP MOT includes. (Also - Follow these tips to keep your board in good nick)



Your board will probably not look brand new after a year of use and therefore needs some TLC! Your board will be scrubbed and cleaned with a specially formulated sup cleaning product by August Race so it looks brand spanking new!


All Sea Lions come with a UV coating, but UV can be extremely damaging, to us and to your paddleboard. And seeing as paddleboarding is a very summery activity, it is likely your board will see more sun than your tv, therefore protecting it from those nasty UV rays is key to the longevity of your boards' appearance, keeping it looking fresh! A wax UV protective layer designed by marine experts August Race is applied to your board adding up to 8 months of extra UV protection (if only we had 8 months suncream for our skin!).
Protecting your board from UV is important, but you should also protect yourself. Wear suncream, even during colder months!



Cleaning and looking after your board is a normal routine for a SUPer, but after lots of use and visits to the beach, sand and debris can build up inside your valve which could cause leaks and reduce the valve operation. Within the service, your valve will be fully removed, serviced, cleaned and refitted to industry standards.*
*do not try this at home as it will void your warranty, and that is why it is included in the service and why we will take care of it!



Your board will be inflated to 20 psi and left inflated for 48 hours to test the pressure doesn’t drop. Your board during this time will be fully checked over to ensure the integrity of the valve, and all the seams and joins.


After 48 hours, your board will be deflated, signed off with a certificate and sent back to you.



We will arrange the collection and drop off of your beloved board to and from the "MOT" centre via courier. All you need to do is pack the board up!**

The SUP MOT comes with boards (sold from 1st January 2022 onwards) and Sea Lion. 
If you already have a Sea Lion and would like to get it serviced, an extra cost of £50

Extra non-warranty services

If your board has run out of warranty or you have had an accident let us get it fixed and get you back on the water. Repairing a board requires highly skilled craftsmanship and we would have your board repaired and made good as new rather than see it gather dust or end up in the bin.
We offer the below extra services for our Sea Lion customers at an extra cost, please contact us for more information on this.
  • Seam repairs using thermal bonding processes
  • Puncture repairs
  • Fin box replacements and upgrades using laser alignment equipment
  • Deck pad repairs
  • D-ring repairs and installation
  • Complete valve replacement
  • Sup mot
*UK only. This is due to taxation of shipments into the UK and exporting from the UK. *redeemed within 18 months of purchase.
**box required to courier the board. We are not responsible for damaged shipments.