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10 Perfect & Unique Gifts For A Paddle Boarder

10 Perfect & Unique Gifts For A Paddle Boarder

The Ultimate guide for the Best gifts for Paddleboarders

10 Stand up paddle board gifts

Christmas is the perfect time to get gifts for paddle boarders. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your partner, best friend, or family member, paddleboarding gifts are sure to make their holiday season extra special. Paddleboarding is an exciting and adventurous way to explore the waters and is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. With this list of the top paddleboarding gifts, you’ll be able to find the perfect present to make your loved ones smile this Christmas. From inflatable boards and paddles to beanie hats and safety equipment, these gifts are sure to put a festive sparkle in your loved one’s eyes. With this gift guide and gift ideas, you can make sure you are getting the best gifts for paddleboarders!

1) A Stand up Paddleboard

First on the list is obvious; inflatable stand up paddle boards are the best gift for a paddleboarder, however, when it comes to gifts it may be on the more expensive side! The rest of this gift guide is more affordable we promise!

2) An upgraded paddle

If your loved one already has paddle boards, an upgraded paddle might be a great gift for them. People sometimes don't realise, but the paddle makes a huge impact on the paddleboarder's experience on the water. The lighter the paddle the less strain on the shoulders and arms, decreasing fatigue and therefore increasing the duration of paddling and in turn FUN! Upgrading the paddle to carbon fibre would reduce the paddle's weight drastically! Most boards on the market come with a heavy aluminium paddle with a plastic blade, but all Sea Lion boards come with our 3 Piece fibreglass paddles that are less than 700g! For an extra upgrade, our 1 and 2 piece carbon fibre paddles are only 500-600 grams a piece, making them a feather-light board paddle.

3) Changing robes

A winter change robe is one of those all-year-perfect paddleboarding gifts. A winter-changing robe is designed to keep you cosy, warm and dry in any outdoor activity, such as hiking, camping, dog walking, open water swimming, and after paddleboarding! Our Winter Maku robe is a roomy full-length 100% recycled nylon waterproof changing robe with full-length long-sleeve arms to keep you dry from the elements. With a warm, absorbent recycled polyester lining down the long sleeve arms too so you can dry and change in warmth and with ease! It also has a unique solid-lipped hood keeping the rain out of your face! Check out more of the features here for an awesome gift for a paddleboarder

A quick dry change robe is also a perfect addition to a paddler's arsenal. They are perfect for getting you dry on the beach and keeping you private whilst changing. A quick dry summer robe like our Matiti robe is perfect for those summer beach days!

4) Dry Bag and Waterproof Backpack

If you’re gifting a paddleboarder, a dry bag or waterproof backpack is the perfect paddleboarding gift for them. They are designed to keep your belongings safe and dry, even when you’re paddleboarding. Dry bags come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them the perfect gift for any paddleboarder. Our Drypacks include a front waterproof pocket for easy access to your phone or other important items and are also compatible with our BYSUP shoulder strap making it easily transportable.

5) A lesson - Expert advice

Paddleboarding is an exciting activity but one that should not be underestimated and safety should be the highest priority when taking part. Therefore learning from a qualified instructor is a fantastic gift for any stand up paddleboarder.

6) Electric pump

Pumping up an inflatable paddleboard is part of the experience, but it can be tiring when you have to manually pump up more than one paddleboard. Sometimes, however, you feel lazy and an electric pump is a perfect gift for your paddleboarding buddy. Keep their arms and shoulders for the paddling!

7) A Waterproof Action Camera

What is better than sharing your photos and videos of your adventures and making your friends, family and strangers on the internet jealous? The gift of a Waterproof Action Camera is one of the best gifts for a keen paddler.

8) Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

A personal flotation device is a necessity for a paddleboarder and should be worn at all times on times when on long paddles. An inflatable paddle board is extremely buoyant however if you were to somehow be disconnected from your board in difficult water, a PFD is paramount and could save your and your paddling buddies' lives. A personal floating device of any type is one of the best gifts for a paddler. Check out our PFD safety blog for more information!

9) Upgraded Fin

If your loved one already has a paddleboard, an upgraded fin is the perfect paddleboarding gift for them. Upgraded fins are designed to provide better propulsion and control, making them the perfect gift for any paddleboarder. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a more advanced paddleboarder, you can find high-quality fins made from fiberglass or carbon fiber. For the ultimate gift, you can have a personalized fin made for your loved one.

10) Beanie Cap and Baseball Cap

Head-ware for all seasons is key to inflatable paddle boarding. Baseball cap for the summer to keep you protected from the sun and a beanie cap to keep your head warm when paddleboarding in cooler temperatures. Our beanie cap and trucker caps are made of recycled polyester, making them stylish and eco too! Check out more clothing tips here

Extra paddle boarding gifts

Waterproof phone case

An alternative and smaller size to a Drypack, is a waterproof phone case. It is a perfect small gift for a paddleboarder; making it safe and easy for them to take their phone with them on their paddles.

Thermos Water Bottle

A thermos bottle is the perfect paddleboarding gift for them. A thermos bottle is designed to keep your drinks cold or hot for hours, making it ideal for paddleboarding. Check out our growler water bottle, which also fits in the Drypack!

Neoprene Water Shoes and Boots

Even though you are standing on a paddleboard, your feet do get wet from time to time, especially when getting on the board from a river bank. In the winter as well, your feet are bound to get cold without water! Neoprene water boots are a fantastic gift for a paddleboarder, allowing them to paddle all year long! As well as keeping your feet warm, the added grip is a fantastic bonus for all paddleboarders, making them a great present. Check out more clothing tips here

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