Top Tips to Paddle Boarding Solo

Top Tips to Paddle Boarding Solo

How many times have you missed an opportunity to embark on an adventure trip only because your buddies changes plans at the very last minute? You could’ve gone solo, but the very thought intimidated you. Take paddle boarding, for instance. You’ve planned an early morning stand-up paddle boarding trip around your friends’ schedule. You and your friends will be hitting the waters early morning the coming weekend. However, at the eleventh hour, your friends tell you they won’t be able to make it. Heartbroken, you cancel the plan because you don’t think the risk of going all by yourself is worth taking. Well, guess what! You can go paddle boarding alone. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

Paddleboarding solo; follow these tips, and you’ll never fear it again

  1. Choose Some Emergency Contacts

    Keeping someone informed of your adventure trip is the wisest step. Pick up three of your most trusted, loved, and near and dear ones and tell them of your plan before heading out. Also, make sure to:
    • Share your GPS location using your smartphone with them.
    • Tell them of your return date/time.
    • Let them know a fixed time up till which, if they don’t hear from you, they should report you missing (Lord forbid that should ever happen, but just in case).

  2. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

    Pack everything you might need during the trip. To make things easy for you, here’s a checklist.
    • Life jacket
    • PFD and leashes
    • First aid kit
    • Warm clothing
    • Drinking water
    • Food/Snacks - especially those rich in calories
    • Power bank for charging your smartphone
    • Waterproof protection for your smartphone

  3. Paddle Within Safe Limits

    You may paddle as far as your adrenaline rush takes you but remember you will have to come back - it’s not optional; it’s mandatory. Therefore, when paddle boarding alone, go somewhere where there would be other people around, and most importantly, never paddle into unfamiliar waters alone.

  4. No Overconfidence

    When paddling out without company, never even try doing anything that you think may be beyond your paddling abilities. Additionally, avoid paddling in shallow rivers that have fast currents. Also, avoid waters that may have sharp rocks at the bottom.

  5. Wind Direction 

    Before venturing out into the waters, be attentive to the direction of the wind. In case you are going against the wind on your way back, do not waste your energy when setting paddling out into the waters. Avoid offshore winds completely, whatever the speed.

Safety comes first!

Paddle boarding is perhaps one of the most adventurous sports you can engage in. To get that much-needed adrenaline rush, it would be best to plan a paddle boarding trip with your friends. If a paddle boarding trip has been on your mind lately and you’re looking for some good-quality inflatable paddle boards for sale, head over to our SUP bundles!

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